Paradigm framework

Built for NetCore, and featuring its own ORM and code generation tools, Paradigm sets the stage for a new breed of high-performance, multiplatform applications.

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Service Libraries

Paradigm includes all the groundwork needed to jumpstart your next Web API project. From dependency injection and mapping to repositories and providers, base code is all laid out so you can move right to integration.

Code once, deploy anywhere

Along with the NetCore framework, Paradigm runs on Linux, Mac and Windows servers or any combination thereof.

Domain Driven

Paradigm lets you place the focus on the domain objects. Model your business entities, domain validations and context relationships directly in the domain layer. No more business logic, no more external workflows.


Separate different parts of your logic, making your layers agnostic: Paradigm supports both monolithic and microservice architectures by providing clear separation of concerns.

DevOps ready

Extensive suite of CLI tools allow for easy integration into DevOps and Continous Integration workflows.

Paradigm ORM

We built a new ORM from the ground up, taking what we loved of every ORM we've ever used. Specifically tailored for distributed client-server applications, Paradigm ORM is a blazing fast, performance-driven object relational mapper for NetCore.

Designed for performance

Entirely designed around Stored Procedures, and featuring batch processing and entity handling, Paradigm ORM is meant to leverage database muscle adding minimum overhead.

Database First

Along with CodeGenerator, users can automatically generate providers, repositories and domain classes right from the database structure. Any changes on the database structure are automatically impacted in the application, avoiding costly and error-prone refactoring.

Multiple data origins

Paradigm ORM ships with support for both SQL databases like SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL, and NoSQL such as Cassandra and Scylla. And with standardized connectors and interfaces, you can easily integrate with any other database infrastructure.

CLI tools for DB handling

Publish, migrate and export database projects right from the command line.


With the CodeGen tool, you can automatically generate all your scaffolding code and maintain consistency accross your entire application.


Use any of the provided templates to create code, or add your own templates using Razor syntax. Derive input data from JSON files or directly from your assemblies using the included tools.

Angular integration

Bundled Angular templates allow automatic generation of services and controllers from your web services assemblies. Coupled with DbFirst, you can technically add a column in the database and have the change automatically populate all the way down to the web client!